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Orthogonal Designs, Inc. is a professional marketing research support organization, devoted to providing advanced technological capabilities to marketing research organizations and consumer insight specialists.  We specialize in forming partnership associations that provide you with an opportunity to add value to your company.  Through our extensive knowledge of both the client and supplier sides of business, we can complement and support your research team.

If you are a buyer of research, you may be limited in your ability to identify the appropriate, cost-effective research design or analysis that will help you provide the answer to your business problem.   With ODI as your research and statistical consultants, our job is to provide you with more valuable and actionable information for your research dollar.

sample imageWith over 30 years of experience in the marketing research industry, there is little that we haven’t seen or dealt with.  From consumer packaged goods to ethical pharmaceuticals, from B2B services to consumer durables, we know what it takes to make a successful research product.  ODI puts that experience at your disposal.